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Book on Roberto Domingo Fallola:

Roberto Domingo-Maestro de La Luz y El Movimiento (Roberto Domingo-Master of Light and Movement)
By Eduardo Núñez J. Peñasco
(Revista Geográfica Española, Madrid, Spain, 1958)


Roberto Domingo, Maestro de la Luz y el Movimiento (Roberto Domingo-Master of Light and Movement)

Simplifying the history of bullfighting painting, we could say that it begins with Francisco de Goya and ends with Pablo Picasso. This radical assertion must be qualified.  Before and after the Aragonese and the Malagueno existed painters dedicated to bullfighting. They represented the peak of the painters who worked with the bullfightng theme. Of course, before and after there is evidence of very prominent artists who dedicated their work to our national sport. One of them was Roberto Domingo.

Two books published in different times now come to these pages. The first one was written shortly after his death in Madrid so you still can not contemplate the full extent of the assessment that was later attained by the painter, son of Domingo Marqués. Throughout its pages, the author reviews from the first steps of the man to his last days as an artist. The book is profusely illustrated-how could it be otherwise? The color plates, loose and attached to cards , are reproduced in a single tone-colorfull-jumping out from the  text and sketches, integrated in the same, form a set full of harmony. To enable the reader to know the large production of the painter, the author does not focus solely on the bullfight theme, the most widely known, but in the whole dimension of his “costumbrista.” While many call paintings in small format ‘bocetismo’, preparatory works for usually larger ones, and later as sketched pictures, the author claims that Roberto Domingo’s “are completed paintings, however slight their execution, are pictures because you can not add more without diminishing its freshness or its pictorial value. ” Gouache, in its brush strokes,  is what oil is to others and no one doubts that with such a procedure, not technique, Roberto Domingo is the master of light and movement.

Núñez J. Peñasco, Eduardo Roberto. Roberto Domingo, Master of Light and Movement. Madrid, Revista Geográfica Española (Spanish Geographical Magazine), 1958. Printed cloth with dust jacket.  Color plates. Drawings. Rare. The copy consulted  has no dust jacket.

Description of the book: José María Sotomayor